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Top 3 Ideas Around Preparing as a Podcast Guest

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Baileigh Allen of ZigZag Research was recently invited to speak on the EMI Solution Podcast - Intellicast; with hosts Brian Lamar and Adam Jolley. This popular market research podcast examines the research industry from a vendor perspective and talks openly about current trends and happenings, upcoming conferences and current events (often served with a twist). Baileigh learned a few things in the process and how to best prepare for a podcast interview. Some of the tips she recommends are:

Do Your Homework - Research the topic of the show and even listen to a few episodes to understand the general vibe of the show and how the hosts interact. What did other guests have to say and what seemed to best resonate. Is the show highly edited? If it’s an interview-based show, do hosts provide questions in advance or is it a more chit-chat around numerous topics without any set questions? Knowing this information in advance will help you be better prepared.

Make Sure You Are in a Quiet Place & Your Equipment is Working - Podcasting is an auditory medium and sound quality should be a high priority. Bad audio quality impacts the entire show whereby portions (or the entire interview) can be edited out. Eliminate distractions (the possibility of ringing doorbells or barking dogs, etc.), and find a remote, quiet place from which to record. If you are being recorded via phone, make sure you have a working Internet connection and use a landline if possible. You don’t want a dropped call or interruptions to interfere with the podcast quality.

Be Yourself & Have Fun – Speak from an authentic level and try to forget you are being recorded. It’s OK if you make a blunder or mistake (you are human) and this actually may make you more relatable than others. You were invited to be on the show because you have a unique voice, ideas and/or expertise in a certain area – focus on these elements and enjoy the moment. Don’t second guess your answers – as with a natural conversation, podcasts are not generally rehearsed. Enjoy the moment!

And while there are numerous other tips and tidbits that could be shared, these are, perhaps the most relevant in hindsight. The main takeaway is to plan but don’t stress over your guest appearance.

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