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ZigZag Participates in PechaKucha 20x20 Session at Insights Association Conference

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

PechaKucha is a method of PowerPoint that has changed the landscape of traditional presentations. Translated as “chitchat,” the PechaKucha method was designed and patented in Tokyo in 2003 by architects Klein/Dytham.  A PechaKucha presentation uses imagery (as in only images with no text) and efficient use of spoken word to create a seamless and concise presentation.  The flow is intended to be both memorable and meaningful.

The rules regarding the composition of a PechaKucha are similar to ‘visual Haiku’; designed to be completed in 6 minutes and 40 seconds:  with 20 images across 20 seconds whereby the presenter cannot control the clicker.  Yes, you read this correctly – the slides automatically advance.

ZigZag Research’s Baileigh Allen recently participated in her first-ever session of this type.  An experienced speaker, Baileigh was thrilled with the opportunity to do something different and the PechaKucha provided just the opportunity.  The Southeast Chapter of the Insights Associationprovided the topic - “Lessons Learned from Market Research” and asked Baileigh to take that in whatever direction she desired.

After much consideration, Baileigh landed on her side project – Autism Research.  Baileigh has three children; one of whom has high-functioning autism.  There is a vast amount of research on children with high functioning autism (HFA) aged 12 and under, while research for teens, younger and older adults in this population are either incomplete or lack clarity.  Baileigh has partnered with a number of initiatives that seek to supplement research in this area; providing hope for those with HFA, along with their primary caretakers.  Baileigh is often seek encouraging others in the market research field to determine how they might also make a difference – as changing one life, is life changing – and consider how they might use their research skills for a “greater good” beyond building awesome brands with awesome clients and giving customers a voice.  Baileigh believes there’s room for both!   To chat with Baileigh about autism research, or finding your own passionate voice, please reach out directly at; she’s happy to help.

Thanks again to the Insights Association for such an awesome event and opportunity to learn, grow and simultaneously educate and inspire others. You now have a lifelong fan!

A bit about the conference sponsor -  the Southeast Chapter of the Insights Association’s mission is to heighten public awareness of the purpose and integrity of market research.  Information including upcoming events, including webinars, networking functions and conferences is listed on their website.  Baileigh can vouch for the fact that events provide opportunities for networking, building relationships and applicable learning – all sales pitch-free! 

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