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Baileigh Allen of ZigZag Research to Assist Marketing Workshop as Executive Analytics Consultant

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Baileigh Allen of ZigZag Research has partnered with Marketing Workshop as Executive Analytics Consultant.  Marketing Workshop, located in a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, is a highly qualified full-service custom research consultancy with diversified experience and a solid reputation for serving a wide variety of business verticals.   

Ms. Allen has more than 20 years of experience in the market research industry including the supplier and client-side across a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, behavioral economics and emerging technologies.  Ms. Allen frequently serves as a trusted advisor to a range of clients including multinational corporations and global firms, across a vast range of industries.  Ms. Allen received her master’s degree at Appalachian State University, NC.  She also holds bachelor degrees in Psychology and Political Science from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Click here to learn more about Ms. Allen.

Allen immediately gravitated toward this impressive team and the environment Marketing Workshop has created.  Smart, talented, creative and skilled market researchers with an unparalleled commitment to delivering quality, top-notch results; an impressive team all-around. 

Working with this firm, and delivering across the analytic needs of the organization provides a great fit for Allen.  With a background focused on quantitative research, Allen was drawn to the ability to construct MaxDiff, TURF, penalty analysis and customer value analysis (to name a few).  Allen is also quick to mention how “Marketing Workshop goes beyond data collection, is a client-centric organization that is grounded in best practices.  A truly phenomenal organization.”

About the company:  Marketing Workshop is a full-service market research consultancy with expertise across a variety of business verticals.  Proficient in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and advanced analytic techniques; their services span consumer targeting, opportunity assessment, ideation, concepting, prototyping, marketing messaging and consumer & employee satisfaction; to name a few.

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