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Did You Catch Baileigh Allen Talking Autism Research on EMI’s Podcast?

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Recently, Baileigh Allen of ZigZag Research, was invited to speak on the EMI Research Solution Podcast, commonly referred to as Intellicast.  The bi-monthly podcast looks at the research industry from a vendor perspective and talks openly about current trends and happenings, upcoming conferences and current events (with a twist).  Baileigh spoke with an authentic voice on a number of topics; including:

The rationale behind starting ZigZag Research

The recent MRMW North America Conference

Baileigh’s Advisory Board Position with Merlien Institute

The need for more focus on Autism-related Research

And much more!

To hear a recorded version of the podcast, please click here.

In speaking with Baileigh, she thoroughly enjoyed the podcast.  Her advice, if asked to be a podcast guest is “whatever you do, don’t take yourself too seriously.  If something goes amiss during the interview, you can’t get your point across clearly and/or you just want to kick yourself for sounding silly, just breathe.  Stay cool and authentic.  Everyone listening realizes that “stuff” happens; so just go with the flow.”

Baileigh further believes that the most interesting part of the recent podcast was the ability to touch on so many topics in such a short period of time.  Perhaps her favorite is her side project on autism research.  Baileigh believes all market researchers possess a unique skill set and should find a passion, close to their heart, to pursue and advance.  She strongly believes each researcher has the opportunity to make a mark.

EMI is also a great example of a company taking on a new way of communicating with their partners and clients; the podcast is fun, lively and engaging.  Want to see for yourself?  We don’t blame you - to view a list of past contributors, or stay abreast of new podcasts, subscribe to the EMI Intellicast click here, or find it on iTunes or Google play by searching “Intellicast”.

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