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What Next? A Post-Conference Checklist

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

You are back home; your bags are unpacked and you have sorted through the surplus of conference material.  You have a stack of business cards, a plethora of new information and are feeling invigorated.  What next?

Now it’s time to capitalize on every available opportunity.  Here’s how:

First, make a list of the people you met and want to keep up with.  Ensure they are added to your e-mail distribution list for newsletters, link to your blog or other marketing offerings.

Second, review this same list and reach out personally to follow-up.  An e-mail is an un-intrusive way to simply say hello, keep in touch and/or start a conversation.

Third, reach out to anyone you thought you could partner with in any capacity – developing a new idea, infusing their offering into your own research array, partnering on new or potential projects.  Review your notes, reach out and set up a time to talk.     

Fourth, if a presenter offers a similar methodology to your own, make a note and further research their business.  Any relevant work that closely mirrors your own deserves a closer look and helps you keep an eye on the competitive set.

Fifth, take some time out to intentionally review the conference program as well as any/all notes you may have taken.  What did you learn?  What were the main take-aways?  Write these down before you forget; as you will forget.  We get back to the day-to-day and the conference seems light years past. 

Finally, did you have an epiphany?  Did a presentation or talk track ignite your passion?  Consider submitting an idea for your own presentation. It will be your name in lights (or the conference program) soon enough.

It’s always exciting to attend events, see and mingle with others in your field and walk away with knowledge you didn’t have a day or two ago.  Allow this simple checklist to further your conference return-on-investment.

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