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ZigZag Research’s Baileigh Allen Awarded Prestigious Ginny Valentine Award at IIeX Atlanta 2018

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Baileigh Allen, Founder & CEO of Atlanta-area market research company, wins award that celebrates courage for market researchers.

Atlanta - (June 12, 2018) ZigZag Research is proud to recognize Founder and CEO, Baileigh Allen, as the 2018 recipient of the Ginny Valentine Award.  The Research Liberation Front extends this award to members of the Market Research community who challenge the status quo of market research; whether they are pioneering new market-research methods, exploring underserved parts of the globe, placing themselves in challenging or dangerous situations or simply pushing the boundaries of research.  Ginny Valentine was a revolutionary in the field of market research; introducing semiotics into the industry while simultaneously teaching the power of visuals. 

In the announcement of the award, Fiona Blades of Mesh Experience,  presented the award, recognizing Allen’s achievements and contributions to the advancement of research in the autism community; using her passion to advance a worthy cause, seeking to understand deficits which exist around high functioning autism and teens and adults and using her voice to implore others to find their passion and seek change with their research skills and talents.  Allen was thanked for trying to help society do a better job in understanding autism through her work in the Market Research industry.   Allen was honored to accept the award, saying “Research can be used for a greater good and this is proof; it’s truly a pleasure to use market research skills and expertise to advance a cause I am passionate about”.  

Baileigh Allen is the Founder and CEO of ZigZag Research; a market research firm offering a full range of analytic methods, both basic and advanced, to provide tailored research designs to clientele.  Allen is known as a “Jill of all trades”; she has a background spanning over 20 years in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies across both the client and supplier side.  Allen has worked across a wide range of industries; and at present she is focused on FDA-related research, infusing neuroscience research offerings in the US, behavioral economic studies and analytic consulting.  In her spare time, Allen can be seen attending various autism conferences, working with non-profit organizations on advancing autism research and helping others develop their research passion.      

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